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Pro Tip Tuesday with Princeville Makai’s Tom Freestone: The Backswing | Dec 5, 2018

Posted By: Tom Freestone

Tom Freestone of Princeville Makai

Over the next three weeks, Princeville Makai’s Head Golf Pro, Tom Freestone, will be featured in our Pro Tip Tuesday emphasizing the three core elements of the golf swing – the backswing, downswing and impact position.

Note from the Pro:

Set aside old ideas and begin to uncover your talent with what feels like YOUR natural, un-manipulated swing; a swing without the additives of incorporating current or past swing thoughts. Don’t worry, I will give you enough to think about! Please fully read so that you can truly understand the application of these ideas.

I am under the assumption that the reader has taken a lesson on the fundamentals of a pre-shot routine: knowing exactly how to place your hands on the grip and its relationship with the club face; aiming the club face precisely at your intended final target; finding the correct distance to stand from the ball; building your stance and body aliment around the placement of the precisely aimed club face; ensuring a consistent ball position and correct width of stance; all while having a quiet, focused mind that only thinks of target.

If not, this lesson will still be helpful; however, I would recommend seeking a PGA Professional in the area and ask them to help you develop a pre-shot routine that triggers the details of proper fundamentals.

This lesson will focus on Proper Swing Sequence.

First up – the backswing

The backswing is predominantly the result of the address position. However, there are a few keys to having a good backswing during the motion of the swing.

Lesson One – The seated backswing drill - Helps to limit the hip turn in the backswing and create coil.

  1. Take a seated position on a bench or a bag stand
  2. Swing the club back and turn your shoulders to the top of the backswing
    1. Let your swing fall back to a comfortable place in the backswing and un-rotate your shoulders until you feel a less stressed position at the top
    2. The top of the backswing must be a less stressful position
    3. The shorter is better – more powerful, balanced, attainable and much more consistent
  3. Take multiple backswings until you find out where you can take the club with 1) still feeling the club head and 2) feeling balanced, consistent, stress free and achievable
  4. Now take the backswing while still seated on the bench and make sure your hips are staying in place and your shoulders are just rotating backward with the backswing
  5. Take multiple backswings focusing on the hips staying still and your upper body at the top of your backswing feels balanced, consistent, stress-free and achievable
  6. Finally, in this seated position take the club back to the new top of your swing and then stand up as tall as you can with your hips but in a golf-like position with a slight bow the ground

To recap, this drill should help you establish a consistent backswing, a stress-free upper body and a coiled, loaded lower body ready to fire.

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