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Course Spotlight: Puakea Golf Course | Jul 3, 2018

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Puakea Golf Course is the filming location for hollywood movies

Celebrating 25 years since the first Jurassic Park film, the franchise continues to fascinate the public. The latest installment, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, earned over $148 million domestically on opening weekend, putting it at No. 20 for highest earning opening weekends at the box office.

Several blockbuster films have found the Hawaiian Islands to be a source of cinematic inspiration, including that of the infamous Jurassic Park. On Kauai, Mount Haupu is the towering head to a mountain range that formed the backdrop of several Jurassic Park scenes. Puakea Golf Course is set at the base of Haupu, built among volcanic cliffs, massive ravines, giant sinkholes and lush tropical undergrowth…“Welcome to Jurassic Park.”

As noted in a previous blog, “Favorite Kauai Golf Vistas”, the best vantage point for taking in the Hollywood-worthy views is from the par-3 sixth hole, although you’ll be under the gaze of Mount Haupu for most of your round.

Puakea was devised by Robin Nelson, an underrated golf architect who designed or redesigned one-third of Hawaii’s roughly 95 courses. Puakea construction was halted in 1991 by Hurricane Iniki. After clean-up and post-Iniki recovery, the course owners at the time opened Puakea with 10 holes. Nelson played the truncated course many times before AOL Founder Steve Case purchased it from the original owners and authorized its completion. Nelson used the insight he gained – the prevailing trade wind directions, for example – to revise the original 10 holes while building the remaining eight.

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